12 thoughts on “October 1, 2014 – Stress

  1. This reminds me when I was living in Spain I was giving intensive English lessons to a young woman who had gotten a job in the US. She was always really tired. One day I told her she should have some coffee. She told me she couldn’t drink coffee. I asked why and she said “Because I’m allergic to milk!”

  2. When I was younger I never used to worry. I was either prepared for what was coming, or I was not… and either way, whatever was going to happen was going to happen. Worrying did nothing to improve a bad situation and could only spoil a good one.

    As I get older, however, I do find myself in the worry spiral more often about things that are outside of my control. What frustrates me is not so much my own lack of preparation… but others’ lack of preparation that indirectly impacts me in ways that I cannot do anything to change. I worry when these things could have been avoided, if others had more care… and I still know the worrying does nothing to help the situation but this kind of worry is harder to stop.

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