20 thoughts on “October 7, 2014 – Be there

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    Do what you can at the time.
    Is that so much to ask?

    Everyone benefits, especially those who take such opportunities to make a difference here and there. You, I hope.

    It makes you better, happier, BIGGER.
    Not bad, right?
    Not bad at all.

  2. You know when you find yourself in one of those situations that you think you need to say something to make someone feel better, but you can’t figure out what to say because it seems like nothing you say could actually help? You’re probably right… just be there.

  3. Someone I care about called me tonight having a very rough time and there wasn’t much I could do to help aside from let the know I love them. This post came at just the right time. Thank you.


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    Dear caregivers of people with neuropsychiatric and neurobiological disorders, please don’t forget that when you’re holding the umbrella for us, you should still stand under it xoxo

    • Hi! I use markers for the giraffe, and then a combination of watercolours and coloured pencils for the rest of the picture :) depends on the day really.

      Thanks for visiting! :)

      • Thanks for informing me that going digital isn’t that much of a trend. I like those old school drawings. Your blog inspired me to be more active and share my drawings to the world. Haha!


        skype: luckysketch

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