14 thoughts on “January 23, 2015 – Who are you?

  1. Good one, Giraffe! My nextdoor neighbors might have asked that question today before they opened their front door to let their dog poop on my lawn if it weren’t for me seeing the whole scenario unfold.

  2. Yet another great sentiment that is so easy to depict, but so hard for many people to follow. They say “dance like no one is watching” and that’s true… but for everything else, it would be nice if people assumed they were being watched.

    • Yes. Some of us are self-conscious, or shy, or…lots of things. Glad you said this. I always assume I am acting as me, and intend to act as me, but sometimes don’t realize I did not until later–and sometimes realize it in the middle of awkwardness–unable to correct my course, somehow.

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