4 thoughts on “February 9, 2015 – Words

  1. I fight an invisible illness (i.e. I have chronic pain and feel sick on the inside, but look normal on the outside). This lovely post makes me think of my supportive friends and family. My husband, for example, helps motivate me to stay positive with his words. However he feels helpless, because there is no action he can take to help me or take away my pain. I tell him all the time that his supportive words are what I need most from him, and he is providing that. May I reblog this cartoon on my own blog to reinforce to him and my friends and family that their amazing support is going a long way to help me through my illness (with 100% link back and recognition to you of course)(with 100% link back and recognition to you of course)? And now I have another motivation in life: Motivating Giraffe. These drawings/cartoons/illustrations bring me great joy and comfort. I have been promoting you and your new book through my Fiction page on Facebook The Adventures of Dr. Murphy B Cat and my personal Facebook page. You are clearly a delightful person. I truly wish you all the success and happiness you desire!

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