21 thoughts on “March 9, 2015 – You have no idea

  1. Another fabulous piece! My kids and I are really enjoying your work and it’s teaching them some very important lessons along the way, thank you! :)

      • Hey I left a comment on your About page but I don’t think you cleared it. You followed my blog a few days ago and I decided to follow back. What kind of drawing device you use and how long does it usually take you to draw a post like this?

      • Oh sorry about that!!! Thanks so much for following back. I just use pencils and ink and then I scan the drawing onto my computer. It takes me about 45 minutes maybe to do one like this :)

      • Thank you so much for the insight!!! So you actually draw on a sheet of paper? I guess I wouldn’t need a scanner since I have a tablet that renders my drawings on the screen already? I’m just curious. I’m glad you did find me because your blog is so freaking creative. I actually was in bed last night smiling about the overall creativity and the animals :)

  2. Yes, I agree, best friends are so important. They don’t have to be the same as us, they don’t have to agree all the time. Sometimes they just have to be there.

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