29 thoughts on “April 9, 2015 – Progress

  1. You answered a question I had been meaning to ask! I didn’t think I remembered Giraffe or Pig having a name, and now I know I wasn’t crazy!

  2. Whoa this idea was something I was just discussing with my bf, slow and steady but regular incremental improvements win the race!

  3. Giraffe reminds me of Ross Geller here, I don’t know why. The association makes me chuckle though

  4. Hey Penny,
    Love this post! I needed this motivation :D Because I am slow too, like the tortoise, but I know I’m getting closer everyday :) Keep in touch.
    Su <3

  5. Is he a turtle or a tortoise? If the latter, he may live past 200 years–in which case, he’s got PLENTY of time to reach that finish line.

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