Sneak peek…

Just a sneak peek of what is on the way for the next few months at Motivating Giraffe headquarters…

Motivating Giraffe (the best of 2015), the book!


108 pages, beautifully printed by the team over at Print Ninja. It’s in the printing process as we speak and hopefully will be available to you all sometime in December. Exciting stuff!!! (Don’t worry about the typo, I did fix that lol!)

Also, I am thinking of potentially printing a small run of 2016 calendars. Would any of you guys be interested in something like this?

Anyway, I just like keeping you amazing people in the loop, I’m very excited about the future and I hope you are too  :)  Take care of yourselves, I will hopefully have a new giraffe up by the end of the week!

29 thoughts on “Sneak peek…

  1. Dear Penny, the world is a better place because of you and the world’s tallest mammal. Congratulations on the book – as I have followed you, I have thought that a book, or syndication would be in your future. I am so glad for you and so glad for me. And a calendar, yes, yes, yes, I would be very interested. You’re developing quite the loyal fan club in Toronto, Canada. Peace and love, Harlon

  2. Yes, Congratulations on the book. Harlon’s idea of a calendar is brilliant. I hope you follow it up as your drawings and inspirational words keep many of us sane in this crazy world we live in.

    I think we all have those ‘down’ days, but only need a few words of comfort to get us through. I went through a lot of depression after a nervous breakdown many years ago, but have moved on now I don’t have that stressful job anymore.

  3. What a wonderful book, thanks for making our days a little sunnier with your inspirations! And yes, absolutely, a calendar would be a great thing and must have for your fellowship :-)

  4. That’s awesomeness ☺ I would love to give these calendars out as gifts and have one for myself! That won’t be easy, having to choose only 12, they’re all so good. Ok I need the book too ♡

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