October 26, 2015 – Somebody believes in you


Trevor’s back and he believes in you :)

I don’t believe in myself. I think probably a lot of people have that problem. But I find strength, so much strength, when my dad gets 10 copies of the Ipswich Advertiser from the shop, or my fellow office ladies get excited over giraffe news I have to share, or my grandma takes home a box of my books to sell to the ladies at bridge.

I am not much on my own. I really am not much at all. But these things make me so much more. These things make me want to keep going. These things are food when I am starving, a shady spot on a hot day, a light in the dark. I try my best to be the same for them.

This post isn’t meant for me to tell you how great my friends are. It’s to ask you, that if you believe in someone, or are proud of someone, or are excited for a loved one’s success and achievements…please tell them. They might not know that anybody even thinks about them at all.

Love you guys. Have a great day, take care of yourselves, take care of your friends. We need each other.

9 thoughts on “October 26, 2015 – Somebody believes in you

  1. Becoming an encourager takes away some of our own selfish concerns. When we lift others up, we can’t help but be lifted up too. Another great post, Penny.

  2. It’s always easy to not believe, however I think you only need to see how many peoples lives you touch to realise that we believe in you and your ability to make us believe in ourselves. That means you are so much, much more that you think, and maybe some day soon you will feel that yourself, until then we will just keep reminding you that you are valued and admired.

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