November 9, 2015 – You are here for a reason

A reason

Maybe to teach, or to learn, or to encourage. Maybe to plant trees, or run a bakery, or run really fast, or help people pay their taxes. Maybe to draw giraffes, or to tell bad jokes at family Christmas parties. Or to give really good hugs. Or maybe all of these things.

Our lives aren’t futile. We can mean something. We can do good things.

Some days I can’t see this. But today I feel it. This is the truth.

I hope you’re smiling, friends. Be kind to yourself. We are going to be okay.

16 thoughts on “November 9, 2015 – You are here for a reason

  1. You certainly were made to draw these giraffes! Thank you for always encouraging us to think positively :)

  2. I find comfort in believing I have no reason for being but it is good enough for me that I exist without reason. I hope this helps those who cannot find their own reason for being. It gives me strength to do frivolous things that I enjoy like play ukulele and draw. I feel I have nothing to prove. But this is not to disagree with those who feel they do have a reason for being and this keeps them going.
    Even you, Penny, don’t have to draw giraffes, but we all like that you do!

    • These are not opposite views. On days we can’t find a reason to be, celebrate that we owe no one, least of all ourselves, a justification for our own existence. We just are, and that is enough. On other days, when we clearly have a reason to be, maybe hugs, kind words, achievement, music, giraffes, sunrises, chocolate, helping someone else through difficulty, let’s celebrate that too.
      Be kind to ourselves.

  3. People say to find something to get you through 1 minute. And to keep finding things to get you through another and another. These cartoons always help me get through another minute, thank you!

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