December 4, 2015 – Fight.


Like a lot of people…my mind is perpetually telling me to give up. I don’t know why. They say brain chemistry but who knows. Another part of my mind…a tiny, quiet, whispering part. Urges me to fight. I don’t know why that happens either.

But that’s it. One more day. One more hour.

We’re still here.Β That’s what matters today.

10 thoughts on “December 4, 2015 – Fight.

  1. You must have a great guardian angel or muse that keeps you creating these giraffe pieces. Otherwise, I could understand you feeling like giving up. Your tiny light is strong, giraffe-hopper, giraffe-san.

    Use the pork. Use the pork and pull yourself back to safety and warmth. [Lousy Star Wars reference.]

    When you come to a pork in the road of despair, don’t be afraid to ask, “Can you lend me a ham?”

  2. Remember there’s always tomorrow and a new day, a new possibility.

    There’s always a sun in the sky. Sometimes it’s overcast or even black with storm clouds, but the sun is always there. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean to say its gone away.

  3. Those little voices can be a weird thing. The ones that try to poke at your self-doubt will be there when you fail, but they will also be there when you succeed, to make you think maybe you just got lucky and really aren’t worth it. It can be really tough sometimes to separate the rational/reasonable caution from self-doubt. If only you could be as inspired by your own creations as those of us lucky to see them are…

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