11 thoughts on “January 1, 2016 – We made it

  1. Happy New Year! We still have a few hours in New York before 2016 makes its way here. Your 2016 Calendar is hanging proudly on my wall. I will unveil it at Midnight or probably when I wake up tomorrow since I’ll most likely be asleep when the ball drops at Times Square.

  2. Happy New Year from Naperville, a suburb of Chicago! Instead of partying I’m watching Muriel’s Wedding!
    Penny, you and Toni Collette are favs from down under!!

  3. Reblogged this on Snailzpace Daily and commented:
    For the first Sunday Special Reblog of 2016, I couldn’t resist Penny’s latest Motivating Giraffe for New Year :) Don’t forget to click the link below to visit :) Happy New Year!

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