June 16, 2016 – Together


How can we be friends?

I am large and you are small. Life is different for us. You see what is in front of you and explain it so perfectly but I can see what might be coming. I see the storms and hear the rumblings of war that your ears can’t hear. But you call me down to show me flowers, growing quietly, without worrying if the sun will rise tomorrow. With my eyes I bring perspective. With your eyes you bring peace.

You are too small to travel far or cross rivers but with you on my shoulders we are an unstoppable train. With you on my shoulders we can see further, we can know the unknowable, we can see the world and live this life through both sets of our eyes. Is this twice as powerful as living alone? I think it might be even more.

“You should be with your own kind,” they say to me.

But what can I learn from my own that I don’t already understand? Can they help me see flowers? Can I help them cross rivers?

We give, and take, and learn, and grow, and the bond we share goes deeper than the roots of the oldest tree.

This is what I know.
Hope is stronger than fear.

23 thoughts on “June 16, 2016 – Together

  1. I can honestly say that of all the giraffe-based posts I’ve ever read, this has been the most motivating. Now seems a very appropriate time for a gentle reminder about the importance of diversity, tolerance, and seeing the world from different viewpoints.

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