September 11, 2016 – Fall down seven times


I have at least 1 idea a day that I’m sure will change the world for the better but so far they have all been bad ideas

but if I keep this up, I will have had almost 15000 ideas by the time I’m 65.

so I’m not losing hope that one of them will be good.

7 thoughts on “September 11, 2016 – Fall down seven times

  1. This is essentially the secret of every successful person in the world. Failures exponentially outnumber successes, so it’s a fundamental reality that those who give up after failing will never be successes.

  2. Surely they can’t all be bad ideas? Perhaps just a little too ambitious, is what I recently decided. Do you honestly believe that driving a smile form everyone with your lovely pictures every day isn’t making the world better? It is definitely making all our little worlds better. So I think you’re doing just fine :) And thank you xxx

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