November 13, 2016 – One of the lights

There are darknesses in life and there are lights. You are one of the lights. – Bram Stoker

2 thoughts on “November 13, 2016 – One of the lights

  1. I am starting to question why we need to “push away” the darkness all the time? Why is there this need to be “the light” all the time? We are humans, we are allowed to have emotions, fear, pain, hopelessness. We are allowed to feel down and frustrated, aren’t we? Negative emotions and feelings are as much part of our life as positive emotions. The trick is to be in harmony with both of them I think, isn’t it? We cannot appreciate “the light” without being “the dark”. My opinion.

    I am not disagreeing with your post by the way. It is such a nice quote with a nice picture. It is just that I am in that place in life where I am too overwhelmed with all the expectations on me, expectations to be happy, positive and strong all the time. I mean, I am human, I am allowed to break down sometime. I am allowed to be “the darkness” sometime.

    Nonetheless it is nice that you try to spread joy and positivity :)

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