7 thoughts on “February 27, 2017 – It can’t rain

  1. Rain or Sun doesn’t matter….really. It’s all nature’s cycle and keeps up fed and watered as a human race. Just as bad days are alternated with good days.
    Today I woke up with such bad hip and back pain, I thought I’d never get through the day, but I did (and will do tomorrow too).
    …..And the next day after that…..

    I have faith that there’s always tomorrow and you never know what tomorrow will bring until it arrives.

  2. You haven’t lived in the pacific northwest. lol, kinda. someone recently moved from florida to seattle and had been there two weeks. her question was, “how come it’s always so black?” we nw-eners know it’s not black but 500 shades of gray.

  3. Was this at all inspired by the Jane Siberry song “It Can’t Rain All the Time” (from The Crow soundtrack)? If not, and you’ve never heard it, look it up on YouTube. The full version is about five and half minutes. Beautiful song. :)

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