About the Giraffe

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Motivating Giraffe started in early 2014 as just a hobby to de-stress after work and study, and to vent some of my crazier thoughts. It made me smile, so I started sharing them around the internet in the hopes that maybe it could make you guys smile too.

Giraffe has a couple of friends. Pessimistic Pig, G’s best friend can be occasionally gloomy but has learnt a lot from his long-necked mate. Trevor is a turtle…he’s a bit slow but still loved. More friends in the future? I’m sure there will be!

Feel free to share and pass along any of the pictures you find on this blog (although credit is appreciated!). I also have a book of the best pictures from 2014 which is kind of cool.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you like what you find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you do this?

The world we live in is not nice, a lot of the time. The internet is also full of things that are not nice. I guess MG is a way to spread something different: kindness instead of cruelty, love instead of hatred, encouragement instead of criticism. It’s nice to make something good.

What do you use to make your illustrations?

Copic markers, coloured pencils and watercolours. Scan it onto my computer with my scanner, a Canon LiDe 210. Normally I will also fiddle around with the colours and fix any errors in Photoshop. That’s it!

Are you actually a giraffe?

Not really, sorry!!!

284 thoughts on “About the Giraffe

  1. I love your inspirational words and your giraffes! Giraffes are amazing creatures – I remember visiting a safari park here in the UK and one stuck his head right into the car, trying to eat the food we had bought to feed them! Cheeky but so gorgeous.
    Thank you for following my blog :)

  2. Just stopped by to check out your adorable giraffes and say thanks for the follow, but then I read that you had ANOTHER blog, and I gotta say…. I. Am. A. HUGE. FAN. ;) You are so talented, girl! I literally laughed at every post. Thanks for gettin’ those endorphins flowin’ for me. (Laughing is SO much easier than exercise.) Look forward to enjoying your posts in the future. And I’m definitely gonna do my best to start getting excited about Mondays (provided the fear of being breakfast for a coffee doesn’t ruin it for me! :-O )

    • Thank you so much Marcia, your encouraging words have seriously just made my day a whole lot better. I LOVE your photography, you are very talented yourself! Have a beautiful weekend and have a fabulous Monday, you can do it! :)

  3. Thank you so much for popping over and liking a post of mine. Yeah, as many comments here are saying – the Giraffe thing is peculiar, but hey we’re a funny lot. Love the quirkiness, love the colours. Hope to see more.

  4. Hi Penny,

    Thanks for following my blog!

    LOVE your blog name – got me curious :-).

    Look forward to reading your old & new posts.

    Have a lovely night,

  5. extraordinary! giraffe as a motivator. you’re quite creative and funny. thanks for the follow :)

  6. I came here to see what a motivating giraffe looks like and it exceeded all my expectations.

    Disclaimer: I really like giraffes.

      • Hm, hard to describe. Basically, the big draw is that it’s the “Ghost in the Shell” series, but in space, and a game. The brilliant game mechanic is that it’s always your turn—whenever your opponent does something (shoots at you, move), you get to react and roll or do something back. It’s from Spain, so there are occasionally translation errors, but it’s a pretty tight system now and I know there’s a bunch of Aussies and Kiwis who play it. Do you play many board games or video games? It’s a lot like “Frozen Synapse”, if you’ve tried that indie game.

  7. I like your unique interest in these wondrous animals. It can lead to many places-it already has. You may think people won’t take an interest in you ,but quite the opposite! You have a really nice site. Keep up the awesomeness! I really like your style of drawing, it’s very unique. And drawing is a good pastime: it really relaxes you.
    Thanx for looking at my blog, I really appreciate it. Can you please refer this site to others? I’d love that.

  8. The giraffe has an extremely high blood pressure (280/180 mm Hg) which is twice that found in humans. Additionally, the heart beats up to 170 times per minute double that of humans
    Hope your blood pressure is in check. LOL

  9. Hey! thanks for the follow..you have an amazing blog which is why I’m liking all the posts I came across and now started to follow so I can enjoy some more of it :) and yes it’s motivating!!!

  10. Thank you for the follow, you have a realy nice site, and good art work, take care stay safe , xxxxx

  11. Hi Penny, Just wanted to let you know my book arrived safely last week and I absolutely love it! Thank you :-)

    Do you do Motivating Giraffe greeting cards? If not, would you consider it? Pretty please?!

    • I’m so glad you like it! Thanks for letting me know! :D
      I don’t have greeting cards at the moment, but I am definitely open to new ideas. I will check it out and see what I can come up with :)
      Have a beautiful day!

  12. Thank you for following my blog. I keep a giraffe in my living room. He eats me out of house and home. OK I admit it, he is a woooden giraffe all the way from Kenya rather than a flesh and blood one! I look forward to following your blog. Best. Kevin

  13. you are jaw-droppingly beautiful was all i can think when i saw your little Photo….thank you for stopping by and enjoy the Eclipse tomorrow!!! yeaHH!!!

  14. At the risk of repeating what everyone else here said, Penny – your blog is very cute, and your drawings are so creative. I couldn’t stop smiling! :) Thank you for following my blog, and keep doing great!

  15. Hi Penny, I’ve been introduced to your blog by Claudette over at ‘To Search and To Find’.

    I’m looking forward to discovering all your work and I’m so pleased Claudette has introduced you to me.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

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