About the Giraffe

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Motivating Giraffe started in early 2014 as just a hobby to de-stress after work and study, and to vent some of my crazier thoughts. It made me smile, so I started sharing them around the internet in the hopes that maybe it could make you guys smile too.

Giraffe has a couple of friends. Pessimistic Pig, G’s best friend can be occasionally gloomy but has learnt a lot from his long-necked mate. Trevor is a turtle…he’s a bit slow but still loved. More friends in the future? I’m sure there will be!

Feel free to share and pass along any of the pictures you find on this blog (although credit is appreciated!). I also have a book of the best pictures from 2014 which is kind of cool.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you like what you find.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you do this?

The world we live in is not nice, a lot of the time. The internet is also full of things that are not nice. I guess MG is a way to spread something different: kindness instead of cruelty, love instead of hatred, encouragement instead of criticism. It’s nice to make something good.

What do you use to make your illustrations?

Copic markers, coloured pencils and watercolours. Scan it onto my computer with my scanner, a Canon LiDe 210. Normally I will also fiddle around with the colours and fix any errors in Photoshop. That’s it!

Are you actually a giraffe?

Not really, sorry!!!

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