The third book! Motivating Giraffe – For Good Days and Bad Days

I’m so excited. This is one of a few accomplishments that I feel like I can be really proud of – the third Motivating Giraffe book.

New cute mini gift book, ready to start shipping these on Monday and Tuesday next week.

108 pages, 5.5 x 6.5 inches (smaller dimensions than the last two, and is more than 50% cheaper to ship internationally). Giraffes, pigs, love, encouragement. Thank you so much everyone here for sticking with me for the past few years. I hope you’re okay today and I hope you’re smiling.

(This is not a call for you to buy if you don’t want to! Just a way of sharing this project with my friends/family and with the wonderful people I have discovered online. I love you guys no matter what.)