All good things come to an end

Hi my beautiful friends.

I find myself coming to the sad realisation that Motivating Giraffe has reached its completion. Hundreds of giraffes later, I feel like I’ve said the things I’ve needed to say and I’ve had an incredible time doing it.

I think you guys have taught me far more than I’ve taught you. The people that have been following on Reddit and the blog, my family and my friends, have overwhelmed with their support through all of this. Because of you, I feel like I really can pursue art and illustration in the future, maybe children’s books, maybe a million other things. I never (never, ever) thought this would be something I would do, and maybe it’s a silly dream…but as a certain giraffe would say, *follow your dreams*.

Depending on interest, I might put together a coffee table type book with a collection of the most popular giraffes. I’d actually love to do something like this and uni is almost over for the semester, so watch this space for updates.

If you’d like to get in contact with me for whatever reason, please feel free to email me at I’ve also set up a separate blog at where I definitely intend on putting up more silly drawings – not limited to giraffes, although I’m sure a certain long-necked mammal and his pig friend will occasionally make appearances.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for everything. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other.

This is the end of something, but it’s the start of something else. And how exciting that is.

– Penny


50 thoughts on “All good things come to an end

  1. I am sad I only discovered your blog so close to its conclusion. Congratulations on all you have accomplished and best of luck with all your future plans.

  2. Oh no! I’ve only just recently discovered you. I will sadly miss my daily dose of giraffe motivation. Best of luck to you in your next endeavor, and please keep us posted as to what that may be! Karen :)

  3. Like others here, I only discovered Motivating Giraffe quite recently. I’ve enjoyed your posts and am sorry to hear there won’t be any more. The coffee table book sounds like a great idea, if there’s sufficient demand.

    Good luck with you future endeavours :)

  4. Now following Pennysspace, and will still look to your Giraffe for more motivating moments! :) although it’s been short, i am super excited for you and following the new parts of your journey!! Best Wishes, Penny.. and thank you for forging the paths you have. i feel honored to be here.

  5. Ah, so sad!
    Although I had not chance to check those delightful posts everyday, but they were make me happy whenever I visited ❤️
    Love giraffe motivation and love all the stories❤️
    Best of luck to you and looking forward to see your posts again❤️
    Thank you for smiles and will miss you❤️

  6. Sad to know but hey, all the best bud!
    Hope you’d still post weekly though, it’d be a waste, in my opinion, if you just left everything here or remove them.

    Regardless, cheers for conquering and reaching your milestone in life!
    Not just your family and friends, we are all proud of you as well ;-)

    Stay happy and awesome. Your drawing is engraved in our hearts and the giraffe’s teachings will stay on throughout our lifetime.
    I wish you nothing but the best, to continue making a difference in life out there.

    Will contact you in future if there’s a time when I would need to.

    Your friend,
    David Long

  7. Aww man, I just found out about Motivational Giraffe a few days ago… I’m bummed out I didn’t know about it sooner. But I will definitely follow your personal journey on your other blog :)
    Ps, the piggy will also be missed!

  8. Gosh, I’m going to miss you. My absolutely favorite image is “our” giraffe seated in a comfy purple easy chair, drinking a steaming hot beverage, saying “if you do it now, you’ll never run out of time.”
    That wise giraffe is taped to one of my kitchen cabinets and stuck on the bulletin board at my desk in a library in Naperville, IL.
    I’ll miss you and your beautiful illustrations.
    Fondly, Lynn

  9. I am really going to miss you! You are extremely talented and count me in for any books! Go out there and live your dream!!!

  10. Best of wishes Penny. I have no doubt you can do whatever it is you pursue. Thank you and your beautiful creations for brightening my day…every day. Nothing but good things for you <3 -CC

  11. Like many others, I just found you here after you found me actually… but I have been back daily ever since. It’s sad to see this run stop, but glad to see you are planning other things.

    I feel weird “liking” this post because I don’t like it! If that makes sense.

  12. It will be sad to see the end of the Giraffe, I really look forward to seeing what he has to say each day!! That being said I wish you all the best of luck on your new adventures. Go for it, I think you have the talent and attitude to achieve great things. Keep us all updated on your progress, I for one would love to buy a coffee table book all about Giraffe!!
    Thank you so much for the rays of light and hope you have shone into my life each day :)

  13. I shall most definitely miss reading your blog along with Giraffe and Pig, but you have great talent and I am sure you will succeed in whatever else you choose to do, and I wish you the best for that. I shall check out your new blog and look forward to “meeting” new animals and your seeing your art work.

  14. All the best on your future endeavours Penny =) Thanks for the giraffe motivations, they were inspiring and entertaining :) The children’s book is a good idea. I’ll be following your pennyspace blog ^_^

  15. It’s good to move on when that feels right. Good for you. I have immensely enjoyed your giraffes and I’m sure you’ll throw more brilliant stuff our way :) much love, joy and success to you.

  16. I so love your work and am sad that I just found the giraffe.  Hope you will do a book of them. I am now following your other blog. So glad to know that you will continue to post your art. It’s wonderful and you have so much to say with it.Thanks for the motivating giraffe… Looking forward to your new work.Lou  Lou

  17. I’ll miss the giraffes, but good luck with your next venture :-). Look forward to seeing your future work and thanks for sharing some wonderful, fun and inspiring giraffes

  18. Like so many others who have just discovered your work, I’m sad to see it come to an end. I’ll definitely be looking out for whatever you have in store for the future.

    You’ll be Awesome!!!

  19. So sad…but I am excited for the next adventure in your life! And silly dreams are the best ones to chase, so go for it. You are wonderfully talented and have such a tremendous outlook on life–two traits the world needs! I’ll be looking for that book! Best of luck. :)jen

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